Un pañuelo en verano

How to wear a scarf in summer

In summer a scarf can be more than just an accessory. It can become a garment, a bag and it is also very practical in sunny or windy situations.

Here are some ways to use a scarf in summer. A silk scarf doesn't weight anything and doesn't take up any space in your suitcase... so it can be very useful for a weekend getaway when you want to travel lightly or to reduce the volume and weight of a giant suitcase! 

All the proposals you see here you have them in step by step in Style your Scarf.

The first proposal is, obviously, to go to the beach!

Scarves used: Feathers Green, Flowers, Zebras, Wandering Elephants.

The second proposal is for when you stay in the city or when you're on holiday and wandering around museums and towns. The small bag option seems ideal for when you have little space in your suitcase, and you don't want to arrive with all your bags squashed!

Scarves used: Exlibris, Women wearing Scarves, Feathers Pink.

And for dinner, or if you have an event, of course, a silk scarf (or 2) are super sophisticated and elegant.

Scarves used: Women wearing Scarves, Zebras, Feathers Pink.

The end of restrictions means parties and more parties! Here are 3 ideas to wear with a dress. The first one is perfect to cover your shoulders if you have to go into a church, or for when it gets cooler if the party is by the sea. And the bag, perfect for when you don't have one to match your dress!

Scarf used: Jungle Party Day

I hope you liked these suggestions. In Style your Scarf you can see how to make all the proposals and you have many more, especially how to wear it on your head! Make the most of your scarf, don't leave it in a drawer for lack of ideas! 😊