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Pañuelo de seda Feathers Pink

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Mankind has used feathers as ornaments since the beginning of our species:  necklaces, crowns, pendants. This scarf transforms those objects into another accessory: a silk scarf, which you will be able to use on your head, tied around your neck and so many other ways, in a sophisticated and modern way.

Two colours to choose from: pink and green, which you can wear both in Summer as in Winter, giving you a touch of colour and elegance as with our ancestors. 

☆ If you have any doubts regarding sizes or if you are searching for inspiration on how to wear a scarf, you will find in the section “Style your Scarf” many different ideas on how to best wear your scarf.

La inspiración de este diseño

Collapsible tab contentMankind has used feathers as ornaments since the beginning of our species: necklaces, crowns, pendants….. some of these artefacts were so beautiful that they achieved magical powers or gave their owners status and authority. This scarf is a tribute to these objects, transforming them in another accessory – a scarf – which you will also be able to use in many ways: on your head as a crown, on your hair with a pony tail, around your neck, on your wrist or tied to your handbag. Infinite possibilities to show off these feathers in a sophisticated and feminine way. May the power of the feathers be with you!

  • Small: approximately 50x50 cms (19.5"x19.5")
  • Medium: approximately 70x70 cms (27.5"x27.5")
  • Large: approximately 90x90 cms (35.5"x35.5") 

Composición y cuidados

100% Seda, impreso con tintas a base de agua y certificación OEKO-TEX®. Hecho con amor en España.

Lavar a mano con jabón delicado y sin estrujar.
Planchar del revés con la plancha al mínimo.
No lavar en seco ni usar secadora.

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Sobre los diseños de María Kent Studio

Toda la gama de papelería es diseñada por María Kent en su pequeño estudio en Barcelona, España. Los dibujos y patrones son exclusivos, no los encontrarás en otro sitio.

Todos los dibujos y patrones están registrados y no pueden ser utilizados sin la expresa autorización de María Kent Studio.

One of the principles of Maria Kent Studio is to improve to be more sustainable. Therefore, we work in 3 areas to meet this goal:

💖  Local Production:

Scarves are printed in Spain, with water-based inks and OEKO-TEX® certification, respectful with the environment.  They are tailored by Mariana in her small workshop in Madrid.

The notebooks are made 100% in Cantabria, Spain, where the studio is located.

By supporting local production, we also support the local economy.

🚫 No plastic and 📦 minimum packaging.

Since Winter 2021, our products and packages do not contain plastic, or petroleum based materials.

The packaging of each scarf was designed to store the scarf in it. It's a pretty box, so you can add a nice ribbon to it, and use it for gifting, with no extra paper, etc. 

Each box or envelope is prepared with care, and with minimum extra material, so there is no excessive waste created.

Boxes are protected with a compostable bag made with starch (100% biodegradable), no plastic.

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Shippings are made 2 days a week. By grouping as many orders as possible in 2 days, the carrier will drive fewer kms to pick up all the weekly orders, reducing significant CO2 emissions.